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Outcomes 게시판
No. Subject Link
430 Unraveling Chemical Interactions between Titanium and Graphene for Electrical Contact Applications ACS Applied Nano Materials. 2018, 1, 9, 4828-4835 Keren M. Freedy, Thomas E. Beechem, Peter M. Litwin, Maria Gabriela Sales, Ming Huang, Rodney S. Ruoff, Stephen J. McDonnell 파일
429 Gram-scale synthesis of alkoxide-derived nitrogen-doped carbon foam as a support for Fe–N–C electrocatalysts Nanotechnology. 2022, 31, 225401. 파일
428 Defect-gradient-induced Rashba effect in van der Waals PtSe2 layers Nature Communications. 2022, 13, 2759. Junhyeon Jo, Jung Hwa Kim, Choong H. Kim, Jaebyeong Lee, Daeseong Choe, Inseon Oh, Seunghyun Lee, Zonghoon Lee, Hosub Jin, Jung-Woo Yoo 파일
427 Controllable electrodeposition of ordered carbon nanowalls on Cu(111) substrates materialstoday. 2022 Mengran Wang, Yongchul Kim, Liyuan Zhang, Won Kyung Seong, Minhyeok Kim, Shahana Chatterjee, Meihui Wang, Yunqing Li, Pavel V. Bakharev, Geunsik Lee, Sun Hwa Lee, Rodney S. Ruoff 파일
426 Covalently grafting conjugated porous polymers to MXene offers a two-dimensional sandwich-structured electrocatalytic sulfur host for lithium–sulfur batteries Chemical Engineering Journal. 2022, 446, 4, 137365. Yawen Cao, Yuncan Jia, Xiaodong Meng, Xueying Fan, Jie Zhang, Ji Zhou, Dariusz Matoga, Christopher W. Bielawski, Jianxini Geng 파일