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Outcomes 게시판
No. Subject Link
401 The stable interfaces between various edges of hBN and step edges of Cu surface in hBN epitaxial growth: A comprehensive theoretical exploration 2D Materials. 7, 8, 3 Leining Zhang; Feng Ding 파일
400 Reconstructed edges of T phase transition metal dichalcogenides MATERIALS TODAY PHYSICS. 7, 19 Ma, Hao; Zhao, Wen; Yuan, Saifei; Ren, Hao; Zhu, Houyu; Ma, Huifang; Feng Ding; Guo, Wenyue 파일
399 High Temperature Accelerated Stone-Wales Transformation and the Threshold Temperature of IPR-C60 Formation JOURNAL OF PHYSICAL CHEMISTRY A. 6, 125, 21, 4548-4557 Izaac Mitchell; Lu Qiu; Lowell D. Lamb; Feng Ding 파일
398 A comprehensive assessment of empirical potentials for carbon materials APL Materials. 6, 9, 6 Cheng Qian; Ben McLean; Daniel Hedman; Feng Ding 파일
397 Theoretical calculation boosting the chemical vapor deposition growth of graphene film APL MATERIALS. 6, 9, 6 Ting Cheng; Luzhao Sun; Liu, Zhirong; Feng Ding; Liu, Zhongfan 파일