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Outcomes 게시판
No. Subject Link
304 Crystal Properties of Atomic-layer Deposited Beryllium Oxide on Crystal and Amorphous Substrates Semiconductor Science and Technology. 34 (2019) 11502 (7pp) Seung Min Lee, Yoonseo Jang, Jung Hwan Yum, Eric S. Larsen, Woo Chul Lee, Seong Keun Kim, Christopher W Bielawski, Jungwoo Oh 파일
303 Novel high-k gate dielectric properties of ultrathin hydrocarbon films for next-generation metal-insulator-semiconductor devices Carbon. 158 (2020) 513-518 Dong Ok Kim, Hyo-Ki Hong, Dong-Bum Seo, Tran Nam Trung, Chan-Cuk Hwang, Zonghoon Lee, Eui-Tae Kim 파일
302 Wrinkle Networks in Exfoliated Multilayer Graphene and Other Layered Materials Carbon. 156 (2020) 24-30 Lei Meng, Yang Li, Tian Sheng Liu, Chongyang Zhu, Qun Yang Li, Xianjue Chen, Shuai Zhang, Xu Zhang, Lihong Bao, Yuan Huang, Feng Xu, Rodney S. RUOFF 파일
301 Dissociative Adsorption of H2O2 on the TiO2(110) Surface for Advanced Oxidation Process The Journal of Physical Chemistry C. 2020, 124, 22, 11930-11934 Jeong Su Kang, So-Dam Sohn, Hyung Joon Shin 파일
300 The Alignment-dependent Properties and Applications of Graphene Moiré Superstructures on the Ru(0001) Surface Nanoscale. 2020, 12, 12831-12839 Leining Zhang, Jichen Dong, Zhaoyong Guan, Xiuyun Zhang, Feng Ding 파일