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IBS Center for Multidimensional Carbon Materials
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Outcomes 게시판
No. Subject Link
62 Phosphorus Chains and Pentamers: The Precursors of Blue Phosphorene on the Ag(111) Substrate CHEMISTRY OF MATERIALS,2022,34,18,8230-8236 Yuling Yin; Vladislav Gladkikh; Yuan, Qinghong; Feng Ding 파일
61 Making and breaking of chemical bonds in single nanoconfined molecules Science advances,2022,8,36 Bunjes, Ole; Daniel Hedman; Rittmeier, Alexandra; Paul, Lucas A.; Siewert, Inke; Feng Ding; Wenderoth, Martin 파일
60 Atomically Sharp, Closed Bilayer Phosphorene Edges by Self-Passivation ACS NANO,2022,16,8,12822-12830 Sol Lee; Yangjin Lee; Li Ping Ding; Kihyun Lee; Feng Ding; Kwanpyo Kim 파일
59 Chemical environment dependent Stabilities, electronic properties and diffusions behaviors of intrinsic point defects in novel Two-Dimensional MoSi2N4 monolayer Applied Surface Science,2022,592 Ma, Hao; Zhao, Wen; Zhang, Qian; Liu, Dongyuan; Ren, Hao; Zhu, Houyu; Chi, Yuhua; Feng Ding; Guo, Wenyue 파일
58 A family of superconducting boron crystals made of stacked bilayer borophenes Nanoscale,2022,14,27,9754-9761 Mu, Y.; Wang, B.-T.; Li, S.-D.; Feng Ding 파일