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Outcomes 게시판
No. Subject Link
311 Agar-reduced Graphene Oxide Selectively Adsorbs Organic Dyes and Strengthens Double-network Hydrogels Tang Tang, Karel Goossens, Sherilyn J. Lu, Dongli Meng, Christopher W Bielawski 파일
310 Poly(carbyne)s via Reductive C1 Polymerization Collin R Cahoon, Karel Goossens, Christopher W Bielawski 파일
309 Direct Laser Writing of poly(phenylene vinylene) on poly(barrelene) Polymer Chemistry. 2020, 11, 5437-5443 Tang Tang, Guillermo Ahumada, Christopher W Bielawski 파일
308 Mapping Graphene Grain Orientation by the Growth of WS2 Films with Oriented Cracks Chemistry of Materials. 2020, 32, 17, 7484-7491 Seon Joon Kim, Da Luo, Kangho Park, Myeonggi Choe, Dae Woo Kim, Meihui Wang, Woo-Bin Jung, Zonghoon Lee, Rodney S. Ruoff, Hee-Tae Jung 파일
307 Lithium Accommodation in a Redox‐Active Covalent Triazine Framework for High Areal Capacity and Fast‐Charging Lithium‐Ion Batteries Advanced Functional Materials. 2020, 30, 36, 2003761 Onur Buyukcakir, Jaegeon Ryu, Se Hun Joo, Jieun Kang, Recep Yuksel, Jiyun Lee, Yi Jiang, Sungho Choi, Sun Hwa Lee, Sang Kyu Kwak, Soojin Park, Rodney S. Ruoff 파일