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Outcomes 게시판
No. Subject Link
394 Structural Evolution of Boron Clusters on Ag(111) Surfaces - From Atomic Chains to Triangular Sheets with Hexagonal Holes CHEMPHYSCHEM. 5, 22, 9, 894-903 Sun, Yi; Zhang, Xiuyun; Tang, Jingyi; Guo, Tianxia; Zhou, Min; Yao, Xiaojing; Liu, Lili; Liu, Yongjun; Feng Ding 파일
393 Vertically oriented MoS2/WS2heterostructures on reduced graphene oxide sheets as electrocatalysts for hydrogen evolution reaction Materials Chemistry Frontiers. 4, 5, 8, 3396-3403 Hoon Ju Lee; Suk Woo Lee; Hyuntae Hwang; Seong In Yoon; Zonghoon Lee; Hyeon Suk Shin 파일
392 Modification of the Interlayer Coupling and Chemical Reactivity of Multilayer Graphene through Wrinkle Engineering Chemistry of Materials. 4, 33, 7, 2506-2515 Huang, Xinyu; Wen Zhao; Chongyang Zhu; Xianjue Chen; Han, Xu; Xing, Jie; Bao, Lihong; Meng, Lei; Shi, Norman N.; Gao, Peng; Liu, Lei; Zhou, Xingjiang; Xu, Feng; Feng Ding; Huang, Yuan 파일
391 The Mechanism of Graphene Vapor-Solid Growth on Insulating Substrates ACS Nano, 4, 15, 4, 7399-7408 Ting Cheng; Liu, Zhirong; Liu, Zhongfan; Feng Ding 파일
390 Amorphous Si1-yCy composite anode materials: ab initio molecular dynamics for behaviors of Li and Na in the framework PHYSICAL CHEMISTRY CHEMICAL PHYSICS. 3, 23, 9, 5571-5577 Jaewoong Hur 파일