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Outcomes 게시판
No. Subject Link
5 Catalytic Transparency of Hexagonal Boron Nitride on Copper for Chemical Vapor Deposition Growth of Large-Area and High-Quality Graphene ACS NANO (2014.06) p.5478-5483 Min Wang, Rodney S Ruoff, Young Jae Song, Sungjoo Lee 파일
4 Capacitance of Carbon-Based Electrical Double-Layer Capacitors NATURE COMMUNICATIONS (2014.02) 3317 Ji H, ZhaoX, Zhang L.L., Rodney S. Ruoff, Qiao Z., Jung J., Zhu Y. ,Lu Y., MacDonald A.H. 파일
3 Water Splitting Over Graphene-Based Catalysts: Ab Initio Calculations ACS CATALYSIS (2014) p.2016-2021 D. W. Boukhvalov, Y.-W., Rodney S. Ruoff 파일
2 Controllable Seeding of Single Crystal Graphene Islands From Graphene Oxide Flakes CARBON (2014.11) p.406-412 Li, QY, Rodney S Ruoff, Chen, SS, Zhang, CK;Lin, WY, Huang, ZY, Zhang, LL, Li, HY, Chen, XP, Cai, WW 파일
1 Ab Initio Study of Thin Oxide-Metal Over Layers as an Inverse Catalytic System for Dioxygen Reduction and Enhanced CO Tolerance ACS CATALYSIS (2014.11) p.4074-4080 Shin, D, Thapa, R, Noejung Park, Sinthika, S, Choi, M 파일