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Outcomes 게시판
No. Subject Link
10 Superstructural Defects and Superlattice Domains in Stacked Graphene CARBON (2014.12) p.755-761 Jong Min Yuk, Jeong Yong Lee, Zonghoon Lee, Jeong, HY, Kim, NY, Park, HJ, Kim, G, Hyeon Suk Shin, Rodney S Ruoff 파일
9 Silicene on Other Two-Dimensional Materials: Formation of Heterostructure Applied Microscopy (2014) p.123-132 Jung Hwa Kim, Zonghoon Lee 파일
8 Stacking of Two-Dimensional Materials in Lateral and Vertical Directions CHEMISTRY OF MATERIALS (2014.09) p.4891-4903 Hyun Seob Lim, Hyeon Suk SHIN, Yoon, SI, Kim, G, Jang, AR 파일
7 Mesoscale Imperfections in MoS2 Atomic Layers Grown by a Vapor Transport Technique NANO LETTERS (2014.08) p.4682-4686 Liu, YN, Ghosh, R, Lai, KJ, Wu, D, Ismach, A, Rodney S Ruoff 파일
6 Poly(vinyl alcohol) Reinforced and Toughened with Poly(dopamine)-Treated Graphene Oxide, and Its Use for Humidity Sensing ACS NANO (2014.07) p.6739-6747 Hwang, SH, Kang, D, Shin, HS, Park, YB, Rodney S. Ruoff 파일