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Outcomes 게시판
No. Subject Link
18 Dysprosium Incorporation for Phase Stabilization of Atomic-Layer-Deposited HfO2 Thin Films Chemistry of Materials,2023,03,35,6,2312-2320 Lee, Yujin; Kangsik Kim; Zonghoon Lee; Lee, Hong-Sub; Lee, Han-Bo-Ram; Kim, Woo-Hee; Oh, Il-Kwon; Kim, Hyungjun 파일
17 Adsorption-Assisted Redox Center in Porous Organic Frameworks for Boosting Lithium Storage ChemSusChem Xie, H.; Pai Li; Xie, S.; Jin, H.; Jin, S.; Kong, X.; Li, Z.; Ji, H. 파일
16 Fabrication of p-type 2D single-crystalline transistor arrays with Fermi-level-tuned van der Waals semimetal electrodes Nature Communications,2023,08,14,1 Song, Seunguk; Aram Yoon; Jang, Sora; Lynch, Jason; Yang, Jihoon; Han, Juwon; Myeonggi Choe; Jin, Young Ho; Chen, Cindy Yueli; Cheon, Yeryun; Kwak, Jinsung; Jeong, Changwook; Cheong, Hyeonsik; Jariwala, Deep; Zonghoon Lee; Kwon, Soon-Yong 파일
15 Importance of kink energy in calculating the formation energy of a graphene edge Physical Review B,2023,107,24 Lee, Wookhee; Daniel Hedman; Dong, Jichen; Zhang, Leining; Zonghoon Lee; Kim, Sung Youb; Feng Ding 파일
14 Growth of high-density single-wall carbon nanotubes with a uniform structure using a CoRu catalyst Carbon,2023,209 Feng Zhang; Zhang, L.; Jiang, H.; Li, X.; Fengning Liu; Ji, Z.-H.; Hou, P.-X.; Guo, S.; Cheng, H.-M.; Kauppinen, E.I.; Liu, C.; Feng Ding 파일