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IBS Center for Multidimensional Carbon Materials
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Outcomes 게시판
No. Subject Link
14 Ice-Templated Large-Scale Preparation of Two-Dimensional Sheets of Conjugated Polymers: Thickness-Independent Flexible Supercapacitance ACS Nano. 2021, 15, 5, 8870-8882 Jie Zhang, Xueying Fan, Xiaodong Meng, Ji Zhou, Manyun Wang, Shang Chen, Yawen Cao, Yu Chen, Christopher W Bielawski, Jianxin Geng 파일
13 Nickel-catalyzed polymerization of a substituted sulfoxonium ylide Journal of Polymer Science. 2021, 1-8 Sherilyn J. Lu, Songsu Kang, Youngsang Cho, Minseok Choi, Christopher W Bielawski 파일
12 A Conjugated Porous Polymer Complexed with a Single-Atom Cobalt Catalyst as An Electrocatalytic Sulfur Host for Enhancing Cathode Reaction Kinetics Energy Storage Materials. 2021, 41, 14-23 Xueying Fan, Shang Chen, Wenbin Gong, Xiaodong Meng, Yuncan Jia, Yulin Wang, Song Hong, Lei Zhang, Lirong Zheng, Christopher W Bielawski, Jianxin Geng 파일
11 Case Studies of Electrical Characterisation of Graphene by Terahertz Time-domain Spectroscopy 2D Materials. 2021, 8, 2, 022003 Patrick R Whelan, Binbin Zhou, Odile Bezencenet, Abhay Shivayogimath, Neeraj Mishra, Qian Shen, Bjarke S Jessen, Iwona Pasternak, David M A Mackenzie, Jie Ji, Cunzhi Sun, Pierre Seneor, Bruno Dlubak, Birong Luo, Frederik W Østerberg and 22 others 파일
10 Chemical Vapor Deposition of Graphene on Thin-metal Films Cell Reports Physical Science. 2021, 2, 3, 100372 Shuaishuai Xu, Lipeng Zhang, Bin Wang, Rodney S. Ruoff 파일