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Outcomes 게시판
No. Subject Link
8 Fingerprints of Multiple Electron Scatterings in Single-Layer Graphene SCIENTIFIC REPORTS (2016.03) p.22570 Minbok Jung, Hyung-Joon Shin, Sohn, SD, Park, J, Lee, KU 파일
7 Switchable Polymerization Catalysts CHEMICAL REVIEWS (2016.02) p.1969-1992 Aaron J. Teator, Christopher W Bielawski, Dominika N. Lastovickova 파일
6 Lateral Hopping of CO on Ag(110) by Multiple Overtone Excitation PHYSICAL REVIEW LETTERS (2016.02) p.056101 Junepyo Oh, Yousoo Kim, Hyunseob Lim, Ryuichi Arafune, Jaehoon Jung, Maki Kawai 파일
5 Targeting Antioxidant Pathways with Ferrocenylated N-heterocyclic Carbene Supported Gold(I) Complexes in A549 Lung Cancer Cells CHEMICAL SCIENCE (2016.02) p.1245-1256 Arambula JF, Arumugam, K, McCall, R, Sidoran, KJ, Magda, D, Mitchell, NA, Christopher W Bielawski, Lynch, VM, Sessler, JL 파일
4 Support-Free Transfer of Ultrasmooth Graphene Films Facilitated by Self-Assembled Monolayers for Electronic Devices and Patterns ACS NANO (2016.01) p.1404-1410 Bin Wang, Rodney S. Ruoff, Ming Huang, Li Tao, Sun Hwa Lee, A-Rang Jang, Bao-Wen Li, Hyeon Suk Shin, Deji Akinwande 파일