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IBS Center for Multidimensional Carbon Materials

2018 Special Guest Seminar

23 Feb 2018 / CMCM

1. Prof. Jin Zhang, Peking University, January 4 (Thur)


2. Prof. Moon-Ho Jo, Pohang University of Science and Technology, January 17 (Wed)


3. Prof. Sang Ho Oh, Sungkyunkwan University, January 17 (Wed)


4. Prof. Seunghwa Ryu, KAIST, February 7 (Wed)


5. Dr. Stefano Signetti, KAIST, February 7 (Wed)


6-1. Prof. Nanfeng Zheng, Xiamen University, May 3 (Thursday)


6-2. Prof. Ye Wang, Xiamen University, May 3 (Thursday)


6-3. Prof. Dongping Zhan, Xiamen University, May 3 (Thursday)


6-4. Prof. Zhong Qun Tian, Xiamen University, May 3 (Thursday)


7. Prof. Qian Miao, The Chinese University of Hong Kong, May 16 (Wednesday)


8. Prof. Boris I. Yakobson, Rice University, May 24 (Thursday)


9. Profs. Zhen Liu, Zhongtao Li, Mingbo Wu, Jianlin Liu, Wei Xing, China University of Petroleum, June 24~25 (Sunday ~ Monday)


10. Prof. Yunqi Liu, Institute of Chemistry, Chinese Academy of Sciences, July 5 (Thursday)


11. Prof. Robert Nemanich, Arizona State University, August 22 (Wednesday)


12. Prof. Qiang Guo, Shanghai Jiao Tong University, August 24 (Friday)


13. Prof. Lijie Ci, Shandong University, Oct 25 (Thursday)


14. Prof. Maoshuai He, Qingdao University of Science and Technology Oct 25 (Thursday)